Qualified Retirement Plan Solutions

For business owners, the success of your business is an integral component of your financial health. So, you need a customized, comprehensive plan that thoroughly and thoughtfully integrates your goals, both personally and professionally. We believe connecting the many facets of your personal and business life puts you and your business in a better position for financial success. (401(k)/Profit Sharing, 403(b) Plans, Cash Balance Plans, Multiple Employer Plans for small businesses)

What you may be thinking:

  • Is my company retirement plan cost competitive?
  • How can I increase my contributions to my company retirement plan?
  • Is my company retirement plan benefiting my employees?
  • How can I improve the investment options in my company retirement plan?

we’ve got you covered

Whether you’re nearing retirement or already in retirement NAM advisors can help craft a retirement plan based on the best interest of your financial goals.

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Our Approach

At Neuenschwander, our wealth advisors are well-versed in the distinct retirement plan needs of business owners, and are able and excited to help optimize your personal and professional finances. By gaining a deep understanding of your professional ambitions and taking stock of your business goals, we work together to provide a well-informed, goal-oriented, qualified retirement plan review and set-up. Structuring the right type of retirement plan benefits business owners and employees to help save for retirement; tax effectively and cost effectively.

Our Business Owner Planning Conversations

  1. Business Retirement Plan Review
  2. Business Profit Sharing Plan Structure and Analysis
  3. Business Retirement Plan Cost Analysis
  4. Business Retirement Plan Establishment/Takeover