We provide our services to individuals, families, businesses, trusts, partnerships, not-for-profit organizations and retirement plans who wish to pursue long-term goals based on our strategic approach to managing wealth.

We conduct initial and ongoing discovery to determine clients’ financial needs in relation to their unique values, goals, personal, professional and institutional relationships, and interests. We then form a far-reaching plan to achieve those goals. We gather expertise — or we are prepared to work with existing alliances — to ensure that each component within the strategy is carefully executed and seamlessly integrated to serve the overall purpose.

This is a fun fact! The way we pronounce our name is “New-In-Schwander”… just as it looks! Sometimes it’s easier to say than to spell. Here are some of the fun ways we see our name spelled: Nuenschwander, Neunschwander, Newschwander, Newinschwander, Neueschwander, Neuenshwander, Neueshwander. Of course we will answer to all of these versions (and hopefully search engines will pick them up as well!

There is no cost for our initial Discovery and Investment Plan meetings. We feel it’s time well spent to get to know one another before we seek mutual commitment and enter into a relationship.

We are a fee-only advisor. Our fees are based on a percentage of assets that we manage. We feel a fee-only approach best aligns our interests with our clients and helps us meet our fiduciary obligation as a Registered Investment Advisor firm. Our fees are on a sliding scale. As your portfolio grows, the percentage-based fee decreases. In addition, we take a family approach to investing. We aggregate assets to determine fees while still managing each portfolio according to its distinct policies. This allows us to provide favorable rates for your immediate family.

$100,000. If your current asset level does not meet our minimum, we will consider entering into a relationship based on the nature of your specific circumstances (e.g., a common relationship with a current client or as a participant in a 401(k) plan we service). In addition, we will assist you in establishing a passive-asset investment strategy through a low-cost fund company if we do not believe we can provide you with the best possible service as a client. We place a high value on the relationships that we build, and we want to make sure those relationships are right for both parties before entering into an agreement.