Tax Planning

Originally founded by a CPA, Neuenschwander Asset Management, LLC has always put effective tax planning at the heart of our wealth management experience. And for good reason. Taxes, if not thought about strategically, can be one of the quickest ways to erode the gains from an otherwise solid financial plan. Effective tax planning is one of the most important ways to increase the chances of meeting your broader life goals, as taxes touch almost every element of wealth management — from investment strategies, to planning for your retirement and legacy.

What you may be thinking:

  • Are my retirement accounts as tax efficient as possible?
  • How can I minimize the effect of taxes on my estate plan?
  • How can I best marry the tax benefits I receive with my charitable giving?
  • Am I paying more in taxes than I should be?

we’ve got you covered

Whether you’re ready to file your taxes or have questions, NAM advisors can help craft a retirement plan based on the best interest of your tax needs and financial goals.

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Our Approach

Our goal is to always help our clients create and maintain the greatest amount of after-tax wealth. Meaning we aren’t focused on the lowest tax bill in a specific year, but rather the lowest cumulative tax bill throughout your lifetime. Helping you implement a long-term tax-reduction strategy is an integral role of our advisors and has far-reaching effects on your overall financial strategy.

Our Tax Planning Conversations

  1. Income Tax Analysis & Planning
  2. Tax Loss Harvesting