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Don’t Let Talk of Market Cycles Take You for a Ride

KEY TAKEAWAYS Many investors inform their sentiment about markets by looking for cycles in returns. Rolling returns give a false sense of cyclicality because of overlap among consecutive periods. Investors should avoid basing market expectations on this illusion of predictability. Investors can be both motivated and well-equipped to see patterns in stock returns. Motivated, because successfully predicting market […]

An overview of the unique financial challenges LGBTQ+ people continue to face

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) people have seen many historical, societal, and legal changes in recent years that grant them more equality and protection. Despite these advancements, they still face many unique challenges, including financial ones. Whether it is legal disparities that leave LGBTQ+ populations financially unprotected or personal finance concerns, it is important […]

Five Things I Know about Investing

KEY TAKEAWAYS In this essay, Dartmouth finance professor Kenneth R. French explains five investment principles that he uses as the foundation for a holistic approach to portfolio design. The essay is directed at individual investors and financial advisors who work with them. French develops a flexible and comprehensive framework for portfolio design using the global […]

Women and Work: Meeting the Needs of Professional Women

Many professional women need expert advice—not only to help achieve financial goals but also to support them in leading richer, more successful lives. By Ashley Ilardo, Regional Director, Client Communities, Kahne Krause, Head of Client Communities and Vice President, and Mandy Solin, Regional Director, Client Communities and Vice President   VIEW PDF

Navigating Geopolitical Events

Recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine is an important reminder that geopolitical risk is a part of investing in global markets. Navigating geopolitical events requires expertise and flexibility. Dimensional’s systematic active approach is designed to adjust to new information in real time, including information about geopolitical events and their potential repercussions for markets. Global Developments […]

You Want the Size, Value, and Profitability Premiums … But How?

woman considering how to increase her financial portfolio

KEY TAKEAWAYS Capturing the size, value, and profitability premiums in real-world portfolios requires expertise. Investors should be cautious about favoring one premium over another or one region over another based on the magnitude of the expected premiums. The integrated core approach, which accounts for the interactions among multiple premiums and maintains a strong tie between […]