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How to Invest Better – and Live Better

  By David Booth Executive Chairman and Founder Dimensional Fund Advisors It can be challenging to start a conversation about how and why to invest. That’s why I encourage having a conversation before the investing conversation—what I like to think of as a “preamble.” Connecting life principles to investment principles is a powerful way to […]

What Drives Investment Returns? Start with Ingenuity.

A recent news item reported that Frederick Smith intended to step down as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of FedEx Corp., the largest air freight firm in the world. As a Yale undergraduate in 1965, Smith wrote a term paper for his economics course outlining an overnight air delivery service for urgently needed items such […]

Value’s Rebound Rewarded Investors Who Stayed in Their Seats

Value’s recent turnaround has rewarded investors who remained disciplined following its prolonged slump. In addition to reminding us how quickly premiums can show up, the past few years reinforce an important factor in determining how much one should tilt toward higher expected returns: The upside is beneficial only if you can stay invested through the […]

Tax-loss harvesting provides important tool for managing taxes

When pundits talk about market performance in 2022, a common word they will throw around is volatility. Markets have ridden a rollercoaster in recent months, with much of the trend pointing downward as the U.S. economy confronts rising interest rates, increased inflationary pressure and a number of unsettling global events. And that volatility may be […]

When the market dips, let ‘er rip

It’s been a painful run. Anyone watching the market lately – or peeking at statements – likely experienced discomfort. Inflation has rocketed. Instability around the world has rattled investors. The Fed’s quarterly Beige Book has been fraught with fearful sentiment. But for savers with a taxable brokerage account, downturns create opportunity. When equities dip, investors […]

Beware the Hidden Costs of Indexing

KEY TAKEAWAYS A Dimensional study shows that there are potential hidden costs associated with rigidly following an index. The stocks that make up index funds can see increased trading volume and price pressure when indices are reconstituted. A systematic daily investment process can help investors avoid the costs associated with index investing while still providing […]

Light at the End of the Inflation Tunnel?

At some point over the past year, the financial media’s inflation coverage transitioned from, “Will this high inflation persist?” to, “Here’s how to cope with inflation that’s here to stay!” It seems some investors have resigned themselves to a new normal of high inflation following decades of below-average consumer price changes. However, financial market data […]